• JHD_8175

    Domenicali resigns from Ferrari

    Apr 14, 14 • 945 Views • MotorsportNo Comments

    It has been a tough ride for old Setafano Domenicali. He was given some mighty big boots to fill after the dream team stitched up 5 world championships in a row, and now he’s hanging up his own boots after another poor start to the season. Under his

  • ricciardio

    The new face of F1?

    Mar 16, 14 • 985 Views • MotorsportNo Comments

    The 2014 Formula One season got off to a very controversial start in Melbourne last Sunday, with most fans complaining about the flatulent sound of the new V6 turbos. But it didn’t matter in the end, because lap in and lap out, you couldn’t hear anything

  • time1

    What’s new for F1 2014

    Mar 12, 14 • 561 Views • MotorsportNo Comments

    The 2014 F1 season brings in one of the biggest changes to the sport since Milli Vanilli mimed his way to the top of the charts with “Baby, don’t forget my number.“ And the sound of the new engines are just as controversial. So arm yourself with the

  • deakin-article-img-doctor-question

    5 questions for the doctor

    Feb 24, 14 • 1140 Views • MotorsportNo Comments

    We were meant to ask him 10 questions from the readers. Unfortunately, due to a particularly lengthy autograph signing session (which was actually prolonged by Vale himself trying to sign every last shirt, cap and poster that was shoved in front of him) we

  • Deakin-motorsports-img-Vios-Cup-Race

    A day in the life of a race car driver

    Jan 29, 14 • 2375 Views • Blog, Motorsport, VideoNo Comments

    So there I sat, my gloved hands firmly wrapped around the OMP steering wheel, beads of sweat forming across my brow, eyes completely fixated on the 5 lights overhead. Five months of practice sessions, heckling and trash-talking had come down to this. The

  • deakin-article-vios-cup

    Start the fun!

    Jan 21, 14 • 2014 Views • MotorsportNo Comments

    On January 25, this Saturday, Toyota will officially launch their VIOS Cup in Clark International Speedway with an exhibition race made up of five celebrities and seven crazy motoring journalists. As risky as that is, the idea is to get some much-needed

  • AlonsoVsSenna

    Alonso Vs. Senna

    Jan 11, 14 • 1096 Views • MotorsportNo Comments

    I have two theories when it comes to arguing about sport. And neither of them work. Because the act of trying to convince a person to see reason in what is essentially a fundamental belief, is like trying to talk your way out of diabetes. Pointless. After