How to drive to reduce fuel consumption

Michelin Shows You How to Enjoy and Save Up on Gas This Summer

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You know that’s its officially summertime when school’s out and temperatures become hotter by the day. This likewise means heading out for your favorite beach, mountain hideaway, or to the nearest waterpark or mall to cool down.

While everyone is aching to go on that much-needed break, one mustn’t forget to drive responsibly in order to save on precious fuel. Yes, going on a road trip or that city staycation need not be a waste of fuel. In fact, tire maker Michelin says that one can still have fun while keeping that trip to the gas station at bay. How?

Here are a few fuel-saving tips to ensure that you’ll get more smiles per mile this summer:

-       Drive at a constant speed. For most expressways, this is ideally between 80-120kph. Avoid sudden starts and stops as this wastes fuel

-       It is best to change gears between 2,000 to 2,500rpm. This is the norm whether yu\re using a manual or an automatic transmission with paddle shifters. This helps keep the engine speed low and running economically.

-       Turn off the engine if you\ll be idling for more than one minute.

-       Keep all windows closed, especially at high speeds. An open window can contribute to wind drag, which in turn, increases fuel consumption

-       Turn off the airconditioning, especially if you’re in a place with cooler climate.

-       Remove unnecessary weight from your car. Apart from this, uninstall accessories like roof racks and luggage carriers when not in use. These only add to extra engine load.

-       In today\s gadget-crazy world, best to unplug those electronics when not needed. Yes, a mobile phone that is constantly plugged into your car’s power outlets can increase fuel consumption as well.

-       Make fewer trips. Leave the car at home if needed. Walk and get some exercise, if possible.

-       Stick to the speed limit and avoid mashing the accelerator pedal

-       Check your tire pressures to ensure that they are properly inflated. Tire pressures that are too low will mean more work for the engine, in turn, increasing fuel consumption.

And yes, saving up on gas means more cash for food and leisure activities. So take note of these fuel-saving tips and enjoy that summer getaway!

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