About Me


I’m just a small town boy, living in a lonely world who took the midnight train going anywhere and ended up here. Seriously though, it was a plane. And the town was quite big. The rest of the story pretty much goes like this.

I was born in Manila to a Filipina mother and a British dad; spent the first 14 years here before migrating to Australia; came back 12 years later to pursue a dream of being on radio; drank a lot of beer; quit when I realized I couldn’t support a cabbage patch doll on a jock’s salary, much less a real family; ate a lot of 2-minute noodles; joined a group of guys who wanted to start up a car enthusiast magazine and clicked whatever the equivalent of a like button was in 2001; that led to me hosting a TV show called Auto Extreme in 2002; then a weekly column in the Philippine STAR’s motoring section; then hosting a radio show and a weekly podcast about cars.

Then, in January of 2014, I decided to dip my heel and toe into the only medium I wasn’t engaged in and build myself a humble home on the world wide web where all these little roads and avenues could lead to. This is that home. And it’s always open.