FGen's New Endorser and New Offer!

May 13, 2017

Last month, one of the country's most trusted insurers, Fortune General Insurance or FGen Insurance, introduced its new sales rally and marketing campaign and its newest endorser.

FGEN is offering a 10 percent discount on insurance premiums for car owners who have an in-car video camera or dashcam in their vehicles. The insurance company also introduced award-winning automotive journalist and TV Host, James Deakin as their new endorser who's always been vocal about his dashcam advocacy.

FGen Insurance President and COO Michael Rellosa said the dashcam discount is open to all vehicles, regardless of make or model, that will avail of comprehensive insurance from FGen. "This is our way of promoting road safety and supporting the advocacy of our new endorser, Mr. James Deakin. A dashcam tells us that a car owner is safety-conscious. And it also allows us to process claims faster since the dashcam will provide us with a proof of what happened."

Deakin, for his part, said he trusted FGen after learning of its history and the character of its founder, the late Ambassador Antonio Cabangon Chua, who rose from being a shoe-shine boy to owner of numerous businesses. "Integrity is the most important trait people look for in my profession, and this is the same thing I look for in an insurance company. I trusted FGen because of its integrity. It is a company that you can trust."

FGen Chairman Jesus Antonio Cabangon Jr. praised Deakin for his trust on FGen. He said the CNN Philippines anchor will help FGen reach out to younger car owners who are very technology-savvy and are looking for an insurer that understands their needs.

Meanwhile, FGen Vice President for underwriting Christopher Marquez noted that moments after they have announced Deakin's endorsement of FGen, their website immediately received a stream of inquiries for the dashcam discount.

Have a dashcam, get a discount.

For inquiries about FGen's dashcam discount, visit www.fgeninsurance.com or post a message to FGen's facebook page.

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