Get to Know Fred Astaire and His Passion for the Rolls-Royce Phantom

June 6, 2017

Fred Astaire made a name for himself for his mesmerizing presence on-screen, as well as the way he moved on stage. He took the formal dance of the times and transformed these into jazzier, more loose versions that took the world by storm. And the rest, as they say, is Hollywood history.

His success allowed him to purchase quite a fine collection of Rolls-Royce motor cars. His first one was a 20hp black beauty in 1923. This was followed by a more upscale Phantom in 1927. The Brewster Green coachwork was complemented by black wings and a leather roof. It was his reward to himself and sister Adele after a hugely successful theater show.

The car, which had an equally luxurious interior, was further enhanced by Inskip, who put in such luxuries as scalloped wood door fillets, valance panels, specially-designed door handles, and Art Deco indicators.  It showed off his personal style as he and his Rolls travelled to stately homes of the rich and famous, race meetings, and golf courses, just to name a few.

The famous Fred Astaire Rolls-Royce has been lovingly restored for The Great Eight Phantoms celebration on July 27, 2017. This stylish number features an extremely rare Louis Vuitton motoring trunk with a top hat, white bow tie, collar boxes, and cuffs, Turnbull and Asser silk scarf, dancing and tap shoes, and tea-for-two picnic set,  The trunk lid also carries a cricket bat, tennis racket, shooting sticks, and vintage golf clubs.

Get to see the Fred Astaire Phantom and other fine beaties at the Great Eight Phantoms this July.

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