Hiab tags the Philippines as its 2016 most promising market in the Asia Pacific region

March 21, 2017

Swedish heavy equipment manufacturer Hiab recently held a conference in Thailand which centered on the latest developments and future trends in the crane industry.

The said conference, which was attended by its Asia Pacific-based distributors spotlighted the Philippines as its most promising market with Centro Manufacturing Corporation being its official local distributor.

This achievement is evidenced by the country’s economic growth in 2016, which, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority was recorded at 6.8%. In addition, the Department of Trade and Industry said that the country’s 6-year GDP was up at 6.2%, the highest GDP record since 1978. The firm added that the manufacturing, trade, real estate, renting, and business industries were the main contributors of this positive economic growth.

Hiab covers all the aforementioned industries its extensive product range such as loader cranes (truck-mounted or not), Moffett truck-mounted forklifts, Multilift hooklifts for demountable bins and Zepro, and Waltco and Del tail lifts.

“Centro aims to further intensify its marketing and sales efforts since the Philippines is going to embark on a massive infrastructure development program. This program is aimed at supporting the expected growth in the top priority areas under the Comprehensive National Industry Strategy: manufacturing, infrastructure, logistics, services, agribusiness and tourism. All these industries have needs for products that Hiab offers,” said Centro Senior Sales Manager Vic Belisario.

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