Lamborghini Preparing for the Birth of Urus

March 22, 2017

Back in 2012, Lamborghini stunned the world when it came out with the Urus concept. This was especially true for the purists who just couldn’t accept that their beloved Italian supercar maker succumbed to the pressures of marketing and the automotive landscape.

But alas, the inevitable has indeed happened. According to a report by CNN Money, Lamborghini has just announced that it will be pushing through with the Urus. With four doors, expanded cargo bay, and relatively higher ground clearance the an Aventador, the Urus is a new breed of Lamborghini.

Diehard Lamborghini fans need not worry, however, about the Italian marque losing its focus. On the contrary, Lamborghini will still continue to build supercars like the Aventador and Huracan. After all, it was models such as the Countach that made it in the first place. The SUV, however, will complement these nameplates and will even help expand its market share.

Of course, when we say “expand its market share” we’re not talking Toyota numbers. Rather, Lamborghini projects its sales volume doubling once the Urus hits the road. This equates to something like 7,000 units annually.  The Urus could very well be for the family man who wants to please the Missus yet must still have his supercar.

As if that isn't shocking enough, Lamborghini has likewise revealed that it will, for the very first time, offer a plug-in model. And yes, it will be the Urus

Besides, it really seems like the logical route to take, what with the motoring industry going gaga over SUVs and crossovers. Porsche’s hottest selling model to date is not the 911; it’s the Macan. And Bentley now has its Bentayga while fellow British premium auto maker Rolls-Royce is hard at work preparing its Cullinan for production within the next couple of years.

But as we wait for the Lamborghini Urus, we have to wonder if Ferrari will ever cave in to the pressure? It has said it will never…at all cost. As the saying goes, never say never.

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