• IMG_9058

    Taking on the Challenges, Subaru-Style: An Exciting Year Ahead for Motor Image Pilipinas

    Jan 16 • 130 Views • No Comments

    Thanks to the horrendous Metro traffic, there may be those among you who have gotten the chance to notice the types of cars on the road. No, not because you’re interested in four-wheeled vehicles, but because you’re actually looking for something to do to

  • electrolux2

    Orange is the new vac: The Electrolux Flexio II

    Jan 14 • 1491 Views • No Comments

    Part of being a car guy is keeping your ride squeaky clean. Whether it’s a Ferrari or a Ford, the sign of a bonafide enthusiast is a spotless vehicle. Personally, I am so fussy with my car that I have it professionally detailed at least twice a year. Sure

  • Surge-Pricing-Zoomed1

    Should surge pricing be banned?

    Dec 26 • 198813 Views • No Comments

    Just before Christmas, after receiving complaints from the riding public, the LTFRB called in Uber and Grab and demanded to know why they have been taking advantage of the Christmas rush and slapping passengers with unreasonable surge pricing––one

  • boxtype

    Mitsubishi Lancer Boxtype: Timeless Classic

    Dec 22 • 630 Views • No Comments

    If there’s one car that defined the 1980s, it has arguably got to be the Mitsubishi Lancer “Boxtype”. From its wedge-shaped design, to its engine, interior, and mechanicals, this car was the epitome of everything that the decade stood for. Yet it

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Six Dashcams Go Head-to-Head Which One is the Best?

Oct 8 • 3092 Views • No Comments

Dashboard cameras (better known as dashcams) are growing in popularity these days. You don’t just see them being used on shows like Cops anymore. The chaos-filled

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 11.43.08 PM

Dear DOTC. I guarantee you that this will help solve the traffic problem within 100 days or your money...

According to our New Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade, in the next 100 days, we will feel improvements in the traffic situation with

Jul 21 • 2211 Views


We can now achieve safer roads with Autokontrol Speed Limiters

Speeding trucks and buses have taken so much lives and properties in the Philippines that it has been tagged as a road menace by road

Jul 12 • 957 Views

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 00.37.30

Could the solution to EDSA traffic be removing the MRT?

Last month, August 31 to be exact, I wrote a piece calling for a state of emergency to be declared in Metro Manila, allowing the President

Sep 16 • 33523 Views

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prt win

It’s a Strong Fourth for PRT Racing in Buriram

Jan 13 • 107 Views • No Comments

The opening race for 2017 of the Asian Le Mans Endurance Series was a rousing start for Pinnacle Racing Team (PRT), which finished a strong fourth during the 4 Hours of


Ford Lets You Go Racing with the Shelby FP350S

While Ford has been building a slew of Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs), crossovers, and trucks lately, one must not

Dec 12 • 265 Views

prt top 5

PRT Racing Takes Fifth Place at Fuji

Last weekend saw Pinnacle Racing Team (PRT) finish with a strong fifth place at the 4 Hours of Fuji at the Japanese leg

Dec 9 • 246 Views


Nico Rosberg Calls it a Racing Day

There is a saying that goes, “quit while you’re ahead”. It seems that current FIA Formula 1 World Champion Nico

Dec 5 • 267 Views