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Around two weeks ago, we gave you the lowdown on what the most fuel efficient gasoline-powered vehicle of 2017 is, according to the recent Department of Energy Fuel Eco Run. That car, the Kia Picanto 1.2L GT-Line, returned an impressive 29.23km/L, besting a field of 26 other gas-powered models....
Fresh from a win at the Ferrari Challenge APAC earlier this year, Angie King once again shows fighting form as she races at the World Finals and the Ferrari 70th anniversary celebration, this time at no less than Ferrari’s home ground, Mugello, Italy. While the road to Mugello has been...
The World’s First Super Sport Utility Vehicle—this is how Lamborghini describes its eagerly-awaited Urus. Yes, the Italian supercar maker has finally signaled its long-anticipated entry into the fiercely-fought luxury SUV arena. While the tagline is admittedly marketing fluff, it...
For quite some time now, Nissan has been boasting of a new technology suite known as Intelligent Mobility. In a nutshell, this innovative suite of driving and mobility solutions aims to making getting behind the wheel safer, more enjoyable, and more efficient. It’s the promise of a motoring...
The recent Department of Energy Fuel Eco Run was a test of just how thrifty today’s crop of automobiles are. Now on its 13th year, the event fields all the current offerings in the local market, subjecting them to tests that show just how fuel efficient they are. With some 27 gasoline-...

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