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The North American market is one of, if not the largest markets for car companies like Volkswagen. Cars like the Jetta, for instance, have been selling in large quantities here since its debut in 1979. And now, the erstwhile model enters its seventh generation, fittingly makng its entrance at this...
To most onlookers, the 2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class may look like the same car that the brand launched almost 40 years ago. Yet the German luxury car company assures everyone that this is an all-new model. And this is the appeal of this model. It has stayed true to the shape that has made it an...
Toyota is best known as the world’s leading car manufacturers, providing safe and reliable vehicles that cater to every niche of the market. In the future, however, the Japanese vehicle maker hopes to become a leading mobility services provider. At least this is the impression is gives us...
After months of deliberation, President Rodrigo Duterte has finally signed into law Republic Act 10963, known as the Tax Reform Bill. First passed by the House of Representatives as House Bill 5636 back in May of 2017, the Senate followed suit a few months after with Senate Bill 1592. All the...
Around two weeks ago, we gave you the lowdown on what the most fuel efficient gasoline-powered vehicle of 2017 is, according to the recent Department of Energy Fuel Eco Run. That car, the Kia Picanto 1.2L GT-Line, returned an impressive 29.23km/L, besting a field of 26 other gas-powered models....

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