Ford PH boasts remarkable yearly sales feat in 2017

January 11, 2018

Ford Philippines posted a noteworthy 36,623 units sold for the entire 2017, a 9% increase vs. the year before. This is helped by its all-time high monthly sales record of 4,629 units, which it achieved in December, a commendable 45% upward momentum compared to the same month in 2016.

As it stands, the Everest midsize SUV remains as the brand’s best-selling model, churning out a total of 12,455 units sold in 2017. Adding to this feat is its best-ever 2017 monthly sales record in December, a total of 1,582 units sold or an impressive 48% increase over the same period the year before.

The Ranger pickup, meanwhile, has been sold a total of 10,658 times last year, which Ford Philippines claims to have shown a commendable 31% improvement compared to its 2016 performance. This is boosted by its December 2017 sales feat of 1,433 units, a staggering 81% improvement vs. December of the year before.

Also scoring high in 2017 was the EcoSport subcompact crossover. For the entirety of the said year, Ford Philippines sold a total of 11,299 copies of it, which equates to a 13% increase vs. the 2016 record. As for its December 2017 sales, the brand managed to roll out 1,450 units, a 29% improvement over the same month in 2016.

Finally, the brand’s North American made vehicles likewise did a great sales performance last year. The Explorer premium midsize SUV posted a total of 1,125 units, while the Mustang sports car was sold to a total of 407 proud buyers last year.

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