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BMW i Will Soon Electrify the Water

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BMW’s i division has become synonymous with electric and plug-in hybrid mobility. Nameplates such as the BMW i3 and i8 have given buyers a taste of electric drive systems while still offering that trademark BMW ultimate driving experience. Now, BMW i seems to want to expand its horizons on the high seas.

BMW i will be supplying high voltage batteries to German marine drive system manufacturer Torqeedo. Formed in 2005, Torqeedo has been a leader in the field of electric and hybrid marine vessels. Now, it will tap into BMW i’s arsenal to boost its offerings’ efficiency and sustainability.

The particular battery that will be supplied to Torqeedo is the same 8 module, 12-cell-per-module unit used in the cutting-edge BMW i3. While it may be used in an automotive application, the battery has been designed for plug-and-play use from the onset. This means utilizing it on marine vessels is not a problem.

In Torqeedo’s case, it will apply the battery as energy storage in its marine vessels. These will supplement  the inboard and outboard motors that produce power of up to 160hp. This, in essence, will help increase their efficiency and make them more environment-friendly.

BMW i batteries, by the way, are likewise capable of powering residential and commercial buildings by acting as an energy storage device to help decrease reliance on the grid. With such applications, it seems like our world may soon be powered by BMW i.

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