Watch and Learn: How to Say Your Favorite Car Brand’s Name Right

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There’s always been this debate about how a lot of car brands are pronounced. Case in point are marques such as Audi, Porsche, and even Mercedes-Benz. Some would argue that Audi is pronounced with the first syllable sounding like “audible” as opposed to “out”. The same goes for Porsche, with a lot of folks pronouncing it as “Porsh”.

As if these aren’t baffling enough, more foreign sounding nameplates like Peugeot are often murdered, especially by those who aren’t exactly familiar with the French carmaker. And let’s not forget Subaru. While it would seem like a straightforward Japanese badge, there is actually a correct way of uttering the name that is synonymous with Symmetrical All Wheel Drive.

To put the long-standing arguments to rest, a website known as posted a video that hopes to answer the burning question that many car guys have been asking, “How do I correctly pronounce my favorite car brand’s name”? Shot at a certain motor show, the crew interviewed industry representative who gamely let the world in on how to say their name right.

So we strongly advise you to watch and learn. It could save you from future embarrassment the next time someone tries to see how much of a car nut you really are.

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