In Photos: Honda releases prototype version of the 11th gen Civic for 2022

November 18, 2020

There's no doubt that the 10th generation Honda Civic had its share of the limelight when the Japanese carmaker brought it out half a decade ago. Looking back, the 10th gen signalled Honda's passion to keep the Civic nameplate strong through the years with its edgy design.

Now, Honda is improving on that notch with its fresh introduction of the next successor to the iconic Civic. This came in the form of a set of photos showcasing a prototype of what would become the 11th generation Civic.

A brief look-thru of these, and you'd notice that the designers have tweaked the tone a bit from being all-out edgy to a more tamed, more mature, but nonetheless sharp design. Inside is a more understated motif that gives off hints of being onboard an Accord.

Of note, Not much detail has been disclosed other than it being slated for a 2022 production release.

Also, according to Redline Reviews, one of the global car industry's trusted YouTube media outlet, the 11th gen Civic would still come out with a sedan and a hatchback version. Best part is the a Type R version is also being eyed to boost the model range up a notch.

Honda also didn't reveal anything about the powertrain, but in perspective, we reckon the EarthDreams developed 1.5L petrol turbo would still remain. However, considering the shift toward more environment-friendly mobility, we also reckon a new hybrid engine would be considered, something the nameplate once had in range nearly ten years ago.

Personally, this author is already pumped up for the next Type R! We'll keep you posted for more updates.

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