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Almost a year ago, Porsche unveiled a derivative of its popular sports sedan, the Panamera, in the guise of the Panamera Sport Turismo. Meant for the sporty family man, this Panamera exuded a balance between work, play, family life, and of coruse, driving pleasure. Eleven or so months after its...
It’s been three years since Rolls-Royce announced that it would be coming up with a High-Sided vehicle that would be Effortless Everywhere.  Just recently, the British luxury automaker revealed that it would be unveiling the said vehicle within the year in a series of private viewing...
Pick-up truck enthusiasts, specifically those that prefer Ford trucks, may be familiar with the Raptor name. For the uninitiated, this badge refers to the most powerful version of the Ford F-150 that is sold in the United States. Well, until now, that is. The Raptor name will now be used by the...
Since its launch in 2010, the Nissan Leaf has sold more than 300,000 examples in various markets around the world. This makes it the most sough-after zero-emissions vehicle to date. Yet Nissan is not content with this and wants to sell more Leafs (yes, that’s its plural) in more countries...
Last January 24, 2018, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation opened the order books for its newest cross multi-purpose vehicle, the Xpander. To get more people interested in the newest member of the Mitsu family, the Japanese carmaker is offering the public a chance to get up close and personal...

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