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When it comes to diesel engines, Isuzu is one brand that seems to know its stuff quite well. So it doesn’t really surprise many that it will soon be fielding a new diesel motor in the country in the form of the RZ4E Blue Power diesel motor.  Introduced today by Isuzu Philippines...
The definitive Grand Tourer—this is how Aston Martin describes the DB11. While Aston Martin’s first new model under its second century plan is no stranger to the Philippine luxury sports car market, what buyers have been getting here is the potent 5.2-liter, 608hp, twin-turbo V12. Now,...
With technology being a mainstay in today’s world, it seems that we cannot move without our gadgets. There’s always an app or piece of electronic tech that has to be part of what we do. Take for instance heading out into the great outdoors. It used to be that all we needed was a good...
In 1988, Japanese car company Toyota introduced the all-new Corolla to the Philippine market.  Not only was it an new-generation of Corolla, it likewise ushered in multi-valve engine technology in the form of the 1.6-liter 16-valve four-cylinder motor—a rarity in mainstream cars at that...
(in photos: Audi's Pop Up Next, a project with Italdesign and Airbus)  Readers who closely followed the Geneva Motor Show may have noticed that besides the slew of new car launches and concepts, one of the major highlights was the flying car. We even gave you a closer look at the PAL-V...

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