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Auto racing has always been my dream world since childhood. Growing up, I used to wish that I’d become a motorsports icon someday... someone like Mika Hakkinen of Formula One fame or the Philippines’ very own late great racing legends Jose “Pocholo” Ramirez and Ferdinand...
When we think of hypercars, the likes of Pagani, Ferrari, Lamborghini, or some Italian marque often come to mind. It seems, however, that automotive giant Toyota Motor Corporation wants a slice of the pie as it just announced plans to come up with its own supercar and even showed off the upcoming...
Throughout its 70 year history, Porsche has had a long line of Speedster models. In fact, it all began with the 356 Roadster that was rolled out on June 8, 1948. To celebrate this historic day, the German sports car maker unveils the Porsche 911 Speedster Concept. The body may look like a 911...
Ferrari has always had an image of being a toy for the rich boy. We say this only because you can’t put the words Ferrari and practical in the same sentence. It’s always been a car for two people, and one that isn’t exactly that usable for the daily grind. Well, that may change...
Thanks to the worsening traffic conditions in most major cities, the automatic transmission has become the gearbox of choice for most people. Sure, there are still a few who want the control that a manual transmission offers. But overall, it’s the tranny that doesn’t have the third...

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