The 100 Days in the Philippines project allows you to explore the country while stuck in traffic

December 19, 2019

Waze has long been used as a tool to navigate through traffic and find one’s destination.

It has also helped people find places of interest in a particular area.

Now, the leading community-based app gives Filipinos a bit of a lesson about Philippine tourist attractions, culture, and the like.

The 100 Days in the Philippines is is a project between Waze and the Department of Tourism that aims to to make people have a better appreciation for the abundant wonders in the Philippines, different tourist destinations, local traditions, and exquisite cuisne.

It will do this via zero-speed takeovers containing over 100 images about diferent places, traditions, cuisine, and other info about our country’s rich culture. These will be complemented by directions on how to get there, among other key bits of useful info.

It’s all meant not only to educate everyone about the country but to make them want to get out and explore Philippines for themselves.

And they can do this while passing the time away in traffic.

It’s Waze’s and the DOT’s way of helping everyone cope with and make the most of their time in horrendous gridlock.

So where do you wish to travel to in the Philippines?

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