The 12th Caltex Volunteer Week once again gives hope to many a Filipino

November 11, 2019

The spirit of community reigns at Chevron’s annual coastal cleanup with the help of volunteers from CPI, MSSC, the Batangas Terminal together with local farmers, retailers and suppliers. Chevron coincides its annual coastal cleanup with the hatching period of the Olive-Ridley sea turtles.


It’s that time of the year at Chevron Philippines Inc, official marketer of Caltex fuels and lubricants in the country, when employees and partners go out to do volunteer work in various communities in the country.

The 12th staging of Caltex Volunteer Week kicked off with Caltex Makati Credit Cooperative employees teaching 12 mothers from Barangay San isidro, Makati how  to set up a small meat processing business.

They handed out starter kits and taught them the basicis about making siomai and tocino, which could be source of income for their respective families.

This was complemented by the same group turning over stainless mixingbowls, aluminum pots, and chef knives to Don Bosco Pugad—a halfway home for youths rescued from illegal activities such as drugs and the like.

The kitchenware will further help the institution in its bid to uplift the lives of these youths as they strive to reform their own lot and realize a brighter future.

Speaking of a brighter tomorrow, Caltex engineers and other professionals took the time  to give a career talk to the students of San Pascual National High School, particularly those studying the Science, Technology, Enginering, and Math strand.

The talks centered on how these folks struggled and overcame the odds to achieve their dreams. It was meant to encourage the youths to strive for their own aspirations—no matter what the odds.

Finally, the week ended on a high note with the annual Coastal Cleanup at the Chevron Batangas Terminal.

This was to show how much everyone cared for the Olive-Ridley sea turtles that thrive there. The drive ahs been ongoing since 2007, complementing the Coastal patrols that tirelessly do their share to protect the area.

All told, the efforts may seem small yet go a long way in giving hope to many and ensure that the Philippines and its environment are taken care of.

Til next year!

Volunteer mothers receive a hands-on workshop with the CMCC volunteers on the first day of Chevron’s Volunteer Week 2019 as they prepare pork siomai from scratch.

San Pascual National High School graduating junior students expressed their gratitude to the speakers in sharing their stories and giving them advice on which career path to take.

Volunteers from Chevron Philippines Inc, MSSC, the Batangas Terminal, together with local farmers, retailers and suppliers joined hands to clear the Batangas Terminal coast of debris in preparation for the Olive-Ridley sea turtles hatching.

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