2023 season opener of Tuason Racing Formula V1 goes green on June 9-10 at Clark

June 7, 2023

Personally as a motorsports photographer, it’s been years since my last coverage of Tuason Racing’s Formula V1. Talk about pre-pandemic era of 2019! Although it almost felt like an eternity for me, the wait is now over! That’s because the 2023 season of Formula V1 is happening in a few days, and finally I’m grateful to be back in action behind the lens!

Yes, the premier racing school’s very own grassroots single-seat championship series will be green and go on June 9-10, 2023. And all the action will take place at the 4.2 km-long Clark International Speedway (CIS) in Pampanga. Something to take note for in this opening round is the high chance of rain, making things all the more challenging for the ones on and off the racing line.

That being said, this season will feature three exciting rounds to be held exclusively at CIS. And as with past seasons, the championship will again comprise of two classes, the AM Class and the Pro Class. Of note, Tuason Racing records a total of 13 driver entries, 8 of which will compete under the AM Class.

The challenge of Formula V1 is that all drivers use a single-seat race machine which Tuason Racing built in partnership with West Racing Cars Japan. Each machine runs with a Toyota-sourced bone-stock 1.5L gasoline engine and manual transmission. With the advantage of a light-weight construction, the V1 racecar can sprint from 0-100 km/h in a blistering 4.1 secs, an acceleration figure which would eventually reach a maximum speed in excess of 220 km/h.

This year’s Formula V1 Race Calendar:

Round 1 - June 9/10 – CIS
Round 2 - July 21/22 – CIS
Round 3 - November 24/25 – CIS

The 2023 Formula V1 is made possible by its proud sponsors and media partners showcased on the event poster below.

Photos (2019 season) by Randolph de Leon

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