2023 Toyota Gazoo Racing Vios Cup Round 2 set to turn on-track action up high this September 9 at Clark

September 7, 2023

Open to the public with no admission fee, this Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) race event welcomes race fans to get immersed in this exciting celebration of fast cars and inspiring race champions.

Motorsports fans can begin enjoying live race activities at the speedway starting at 9:30 in the morning. Online viewers may join via live stream on the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Philippines Facebook page.

Vios Cup Leg 1 Highlights

The TGR Vios Cup’s first leg recently concluded with a tire trail of exhilarating moments with Jarond Mesina and Ian Rosales of Team Toyota Cebu headlining the Circuit Championship races in the Promotional and Super Sporting classes, respectively.

Bern Corpino of Toyota Balintawak Inc. - Obengers Racing Team claimed the first spot on the podium for Sporting Class. Pattice Tenorio of Zigwheels, a Vios Cup rookie, won the Media Promotional Class, and Siegwald Go took first place in the Media Sporting Class. The Promotional Influencer Class delivered an amazing all-femal podium finish with Bianca Yao leading in the number one spot; followed by Arriane Bautista and Apple David in second and third spots, respectively. Lastly, Miguel Romulo clinched the Sporting Influencer Class championship.

The thrill continues for Vios Cup Leg 2

For the TGR Vios Cup’s second leg this seaspon, TMP provides fans with yet another exciting race weekend. The racers to compete have geared up and are ready to put on an exceptional show, in the spirit of healthy competitions for the Vios Cup Leg 2.

Grab onto your seats and show your biggest support for this year’s racers of the Circuit Championship and Autocross Challenge.

Participants competing to win at the Circuit Championship category shall race against one another in their respective classes. While in the Autocross Challenge, drivers will compete to complete a predetermined obstacle course in the fewest number of laps possible.

This set’s Circuit Championship and Autocross Challenge will feature professional and beginner racers, celebrities, influencers and people in the media industry. Starting off with Vios Cup veteran Troy Montero for Circuit Championship Sporting Class, Promotional Class racer Enzo Pineda will be joined by celebrity and GR Fest racer, Ryan Agoncillo. Meanwhile, online stars Macoy Dubs, Genesis Redido, cyclist Ezra Domingo, and sportscaster Apple David will also be back to showcase their racing skills.

Maneuvering back into the racetrack is Vios Cup Autocross racers Reph Bangsil and model Arianne Bautista. Beauty queens Carla Lizardo and Megan Young, who will both join the Autocross lineup, are adding up to this weekend's fun. Fueling the amazing roster is seasoned Autocross champ Migy Romulo, while crowd favorites Benedict Cua, Bianca Yao and Lexi Mendiola round out the incredible bunch for this year.

Audiences will be given the chance to see Toyota Motor Philippines' GR lineup, which include the GR Supra and GR Yaris. There will be plenty of other surprises for the spectators as TMP will let the public have an exclusive look at the New Generation Tamaraw Concept, which will be on display and shall serve as the pace car for this leg. The Altis GR-S HEV race car will add excitement to this adrenaline-pumping weekend as it joins the Circuit Race and Autocross Challenge.

The TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Vios Cup is organized in cooperation with Bridgestone and Petron, along with other sponsors– Denso, 3M, AVT, ROTA, OMP, Tuason Racing, myTOYOTA Wallet and Kinto One.

Come along and join the TGR Vios Cup Leg 2! Visit toyota.com.ph/gazoo/vios-cup and follow Toyota Gazoo Racing Philippines on Facebook and TMP’s official pages – Toyota Motor Philippines on Facebook and Instagram, toyota.com.ph, ToyotaMotorPH on Twitter and Toyota PH on Viber – for regular updates on products and services, dealer operations, announcements and events.

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