Agent 007 goes electric with the Aston Martin Rapide E

March 18, 2019

He’s always had a thing for Aston Martin vehicles. From the early days, with the DB5, until the likes of the Vanquish, James Bond has had an affinity fro the British brand. It somehow matches his own flair and sense of style. Now, Agent 007 will still use Aston Martin as his next ride in his next film albeit one powered by batteries.

Yes, Aston Martin has confirmed that James Bond, who will still be played by Daniel Craig, will indeed ride around in the Rapide E, the company’s fully electric luxury sedan. The movie is set to hit theaters in April of 2020.

With just 155 copies set to be built, the Rapide E runs of 2 electric motors driving the rear wheels. Generating a system output of 610hp and 950Nm of torque, the Rapide E is capable of hitting the century mark from rest in less than 4 seconds, doing the 50-70mph run in about 1.5 ticks, and going all the way to a governed top speed of 250kph.

All this speed is perfect for Bond’s pursuits and exploits. And with the style, along with a rocket launcher or two, should make for one interesting and svelte ride. Watch out as the Aston Martin Rapide E makes its screen debut next year.

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