AutoDeal’s new Buy Online feature shows what “Car Buying, Simplified” is all about

May 2, 2020

Since 2014, AutoDeal or has been making waves in the local motoring scene. Stepping out from the shadow of its former self (the now-defunct Pinoy Auto Trader), it has climbed the ladder to become the leading online car buying platform that it is today.

The secret to AutoDeal’s success is its streamlined way of enabling car buyers to not only purchase vehicles online, but also to compare prices and specs, read or WATCH car reviews, book a test drive, among others before deciding on what car to drive home. With its team of agents behind the scenes, customers are connected to trusted, official, and certified dealers or sellers nationwide.

Now, AutoDeal is upping the ante with its “Buy Online” feature. With this, the customer can forgo the traditional process (or some would say, “hassle”) of car buying, and just simply click on the car they want, fill out an online form to reserve a unit, and hit the Buy Online button via desktop or smartphone. No need to physically head out to the nearest dealerships or off-location events like mall displays, just to take a closer look at your dream ride.

( founders Daniel Scott and Christopher Franks)

To reserve a car, car buyers need to make a vehicle selection and fill out the online reservation form on Upon keying in the details of their chosen vehicle such as vehicle make, model, variant, and color, and entering their contact information, the customer will select their dealer of choice from the website’s range of partner local dealerships.

Customers will be prompted to make their reservation payment through the website’s preferred payment gateways including PayPal, PayPal Credit, MasterCard, and GCash. The tech start-up aims to add more payment methods to offer more suitable options to consumers in the coming weeks.

Once payment has been made, the customer will receive email and SMS notifications confirming the receipt of payment. They will be contacted by a partner sales representative to discuss the options available for payment completion, either through cash or auto loan. The reservation payment will be deducted from the final balance of the transaction, and will not only help customers easily reserve their vehicle of choice, but will signal to dealers the true buying intent of the customer.

While customers may still opt to visit the dealership if they wish; there is now an easily accessible option for the majority of a vehicle transaction to be conducted online. This is just one of the many plus points an online car buying platform like AutoDeal can give to the motoring community.

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