The Ber months usher in cool deals for the Subaru XV

September 5, 2019

As the Ber months roll in, Filipinos start to usher in the holiday spirit.

Along with Christmas carols and holiday cheer, Motor Image Pilipinas offers cool deals on the Subaru XV.

Beginning this September, buyers of the XV 2.0i can drive home with an P80,000 cash discount or pay just P138,000 low downpayment.

Those that will go for the higher-spec XV 2.0i with EyeSight can plunk down an initial P208,000 low down or get P80,000 off the sticker price.

Want the recently-launched XV GT Edition? It now comes with P50,000 slashed from the price.

What’s more, every new Subaru XV comes with a 5-year warranty. This means peace of mind and a chance to enjoy your ride even more.

Visit your nearest Subaru dealer to find out more about these cool dea

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