Besides Selling Cars, This Mitsubishi Showroom Can Charge Your EV and Provide Power to the Grid

April 16, 2018

An automotive dealership has long been viewed as a place where cars are sold, as well as a facility for getting these very same vehicles serviced. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, however, wants to change this perception as it launches its newest dealership that can provide more than a few useful services—particularly for electric vehicle owners and the surrounding community.

Located in Saitama City in Japan, the Omiya dealership is equipped with 12kWh lithium ion battery packs, solar panels, and Vehicle-to-Building charging capabilities. What these cool tech gadgets essentially do is provide a charging station for electric vehicles. This is especially useful when power in the grid is low or when there is an emergency or power outage

Apart from this, the facility can do the reverse—draw power from the electric vehicles. This can be done during those critical moments when power is out such as during a natural disaster.  This is all part of the DENDO Drive program that helps provide a service not only for vehicle owners but for the community as well.

The Omiya dealership in Saitama will likewise be providing demonstrations about the intricacies of EVs and PHEVS. Folks of all ages can come to the showroom to learn about this cool tech that is said to be the future of motoring.

The Saitama showroom, however, is not the first DENDO Drive dealership. Apart from the lithium-ion battery packs which are a first, around 28 other Mitsubishi showrooms already have solar panels and V2B capabilities across Japan. Mitsubishi plans to expand this number to 200 by the year 2020.

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