Bridgestone PH delivers on promise to children amidst pandemic

March 23, 2021

Philippine Allied Enterprises Corporation (PAEC) the official importer and distributor of Bridgestone tires in the Philippines, has just fulfilled a noble promise. And you, the one who makes Bridgestone as your tire of choice, have greatly helped it to fulfil that promise.

You see, over 500 kinder to Grade 2 kids from Talogtog Elementary School in Mangaldan, Pangasinan have been struggling, since 2019, about not having adequate classrooms to make the best out of their studies. This inflated number of enrolees meant that a fraction of the school population, which included the faculty, had to make do with makeshift rooms of lumber and plywood.

These plywood rooms were cycled, narrowly serving various grade levels and purposes (feeding and faculty rooms). During the rainy season, the makeshift classrooms of Talogtog Elementary School would swell and rot due to the rising water – a common vulnerability of ‘last mile’ areas. Add to this the ongoing burden of COVID-19, which brought more inconvenience to the already harsh conditions the people are facing.

This situation has caught the eyes and heart of Bridgestone Philippines. As the leading tire brand in the country, Bridgestone recently took to Mangaldan Pangasinan to help fund the construction of 3 classrooms in Talogtog Elementary School. This endeavour was made possible with the help of the brand’s key partners and contributors, including a non-stock, non-profit corporation called Friends of Hope, Inc., which served as the acting-coordinator for the Department of Education (Dep.Ed).

The mission was to not only build and replace the classrooms, but also to raise the area to a level that will not be affected by rising waters during rainy season. In doing so, Bridgestone will actively contribute to the betterment of education of Talogtog Elementary School students who come from its surrounding communities.

Of course, this project would not be meaningful enough, if not for the help of you who continuously support Bridgestone Philippines, making it as your go-to tire of choice for your vehicle. Without you, your support, it would not reach far and wide to pay it forward and help people in need.

“It is important to give children something to look forward to because the hope they feel today will fuel their aspirations for a better tomorrow. Our goal is to empower these kids by stimulating their motivation through excitement. What better way to excite them to study than knowing new rooms are waiting for them to use instead of those oven-like structures,” says Marc Tagle, President and CEO of Bridgestone-PAEC.

According to the latest update, last March 5, 2021, Bridgestone’s Marketing Manager and project lead – Allan Santos – personally visited the school as an envoy of good will and has met with some partners in the province to discuss this mission of giving hope to children through education. At the moment, discussions between Bridgestone Philippines’ management and other partners are ongoing to bring this goal to a more meaningful fruition.

This wonderful story has just begun, and the best is yet to come.

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Randolph de Leon
Randy is a person with disability (PWD), a partially-blinded person with only his left eye functioning. Since childhood, the automobile has always been his passion, and is able to express it through photography and most recently, through writing as well. Outside the motoring beat, Randy spends time manning the media aspect of his business which he co-founded with his sister/college classmate. It's called Dragonlight Wellness and Solutions, a multi-business venture centering on improving peoples' lives through earning.