Caltex releases premium diesel with 2x Techron for PH SUV and pickup truck owners

September 12, 2023

Caltex, marketed by Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI), launched its newest diesel fuel, the Caltex Power Diesel with Techron D.

Caltex’s latest premium diesel has twice the cleaning power of its regular variant. Caltex Power Diesel with Techron® D prevents performance-robbing deposits from forming in engines and restores 100 percent lost power after only two full tanks.

Proven to boost engine performance, Caltex Power Diesel with Techron® D is perfect for the country’s growing SUV and pickup truck market with new common rail diesel engines. It is also suitable for older vehicles as it restores lost power by removing deposits and its ability to clean fuel injectors can help restore engine performance and enhance fuel economy.

“Keeping your engine clean will improve your vehicle’s fuel economy and provide efficient engine power to help you reach more places and farther distances for much less fuel cost. Caltex Power Diesel with Techron® D is the most advanced product offering from Caltex that is sure to help diesel car owners bring life and power back to their overworked engines,” shared CPI Country Chairman Billy Liu.

Bring back your engine’s power

The Caltex Power Diesel with Techron® D is an ultra-high-performance diesel formula. Made with double the dose of Techron D compared with regular formulation, this latest diesel power from Caltex is proven to restore engine performance after years of use and improves the overall acceleration, efficiency, and fuel economy of a diesel engine.

The Caltex Power Diesel with Techron® D enables precise fuel delivery to the combustion process throughout a vehicle’s life.

It quickly cleans up critical fuel injectors and keeps them clean. It also guarantees zero corrosion of engine parts. With double the dose of the Power Diesel’s cleaning power, drivers will be able to see and experience these benefits sooner.

Tested and proven

The Caltex Power Diesel™ with Techron® D underwent and passed four industry-accepted engine and laboratory tests: clean test, power test, corrosion test and foam test. 

The clean and power tests yielded higher improvement response, producing more flow and power, creating better injector flow enabling 100 percent restoration of lost power in two full tanks compared with an ordinary diesel with no additives.

With powerful corrosion inhibitors, the Techron® D formula can protect metal surfaces by forming a barrier against corrosive agents to keep them rust-free as revealed by the corrosion test. Meanwhile, the foam test showed that the Caltex Power Diesel with Techron® D eliminates foam and has a faster collapse time for a cleaner and faster filling experience.

Compatible with new and old engines

The Caltex Power Diesel with Techron® D is formulated for diesel engines in automotive applications. It works with either new or old engines in a range of diesel specifications, including biodiesel blends.

It exceeds the injector cleanliness and lubricity requirements of major manufacturers of diesel engines and diesel fuel injection equipment. It meets all local regulations in the countries where it is sold.

The Caltex Power Diesel with Techron® D, which is already available in Malaysia and Thailand, is finally available in select cities around the Philippines.

Try the Caltex Power Diesel with Techron® D at a Caltex station today: Power Diesel™ Stations | Caltex Philippines.

To learn more about Caltex and its products, visit its website at 

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