Classic Cars Stretch Their Legs Once More in This Year’s Tour de Cebu 2017

November 1, 2017

For many vintage car enthusiasts, the famous Mille Miglia is arguably the race to join in order to put their prized steeds through their paces. Imagine travelling 1,000 or so miles using an old, sometimes rickety four-wheeled machine through some of the most scenic routes in Italy and its neighboring environs.

Yet one need not go all the way to Italy to participate in such a regularity race (more on that later). In case you didn’t know, the gentlemen of the Performance and Classic Enthusiasts (PACE) club of Cebu have been staging their very own version of the famed rally. Since 2014, the Tour de Cebu has been a showcase of vintage and classic performance and sports cars stretching their legs around the various scenic spots of the country.

This year, the Tour de Cebu 2017 took the rally from Tubigon, Bohol all the way around the island and covered an enduring 1,000kms. As with part TDC events, this year’s run was not a race to see who gets to the finish line first. On the contrary, it was more a regularity run that sought to make participants finish at a pre-determined time. Those who finish early or late were penalized.  And yes, speed was discouraged as this meant you put your own safety and those of your fellow participants at risk.

Now on its fourth staging, the rally that took place from October 20, 2017 saw a grid of around 50 cars from both PACE members and foreign entries who had gotten word about the now-famous local rally. Participants from Singapore, Hong Kong, and even Spain flew their rides in to take part in the race. And even world-famous brands like Pirelli and Choppard were event sponsors (the latter a proud sponsor of the Mille Miglia, by the way).

While most cars on the grid were 1972 classic or older, the pack also included a select few produced from 1973 to 1978. Some of the more notable entries were a 1958 Porsche 356A, 1962 Triumph TR4, 1955 Austin Healey, a 1967 Jaguar XKE, and a 1959 Jaguar XK150 that was flown in all the way from Singapore.


1. Bobby Aboitiz Excellence Class Champion (Up to 1966)

    Martin Aguilar (1956 Porsche 356A)


2. TDC Grand Champion

     Martin Aguilar/Camille Aguilar 

     (1956 Porsche 356A)


3.  TDC 2nd Overall 

      Jay Aldeguer (1964 Porsche 356C)


4.  TDC 3rd Overall 

     Jason Lemberg/Sarah Lemberg 

      (1972 Porsche 914/6)


5.  PACE Chairman’s Class Award (1967-1972)

     Jason Lemberg/Sarah Lemberg

      (1972 Porsche 914/6)


6.  Sportsman Class Champion

      Red Durano/Jon Palos 

      (1978 Porsche 911SC)


7.  Clubman Class Champion

     Eduardo Aboitiz/Lee Lozada

     (1968 Mercedes Benz 280 SE)


8. Special Awards


     8.1. Esprit de Corps Award

            Team Autorambla:

   *Frank Sauceda/Martin Angeles

     (1969 Porsche 911T)

   *Randy Viray/Andy Angeles 

     (1972 Porsche 911T)

   *Manny/Santi Dimaculangan 

     (1972 Porsche 911T)

   *Jason/Sarah Lemberg 

     (1972 Porsche 914/6)

   *Chris/Jeremy Tio 

    (1971 Porsche 914/4)


      8.2. Survivor Award

             Eli Solomon/Angeline Khoo 

             (1959 Jaguar XK150)


      8.3.  Gentleman Racer Award

               Lui Alvarez

               (1972 Datsun 240z)


      8.4. DOM Celebrity Award

              Michael / Myles Lhuillier

              (1966 Jaguar XKE)


      8.5. Sophie’s Choice

              1966 Jaguar XKE 

               Mike Lhuillier

Yet whatever year, make or model these cars were, they all came out and showed the world that classic cars can still tackle a grueling 1,000kms of driving. Apart from getting to the finish line, however, each participant had a blast taking in the sights of the beautiful countryside. The three-day race was, after all, also a chance to promote local tourism as it had also taken past rally participants to places like Boracay, Negros, and Cebu—taking the scenic route, of course.

The 4th Tour de Cebu was presented by PACE, in partnership with Pirelli and Choppard. It was staged for the benefit of the Cebu Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation.  

(Tour de Cebu 5 is slated for September 21-23, 2018)

Photos with our logo were taken by Paolo Lesaca

Photo credit: Willie Torres

Photo credit: Bong Palo

Photo credit: Dennis Bersales

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