Cleanfuel adapts to “New Normal” ensures safety to all customers

July 2, 2020

While Filipinos are slowly adjusting and coping with the challenges brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, Cleanfuel , the leading independent oil company, ensures all its customers that the company has already adapted to the current “New Normal” from safety protocols of stations—which include wearing of face masks and face shields, thermal scanning of personnel, social distancing, sanitation of employees, disinfection of workstations, hand washing, and cashless payments.

Prior to their respective duties, Cleanfuel station employees are checked to see if they are healthy and fit to make sure that they can carry out their tasks properly and virus- free. Pump attendants and cashiers are asked to properly wash their hands and regularly disinfect their surroundings so that possible transmission is kept at nil. All station employees have also been oriented properly on how to keep their areas clean, sanitized, and thoroughly disinfected. Each of them follows the mandatory wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face masks to put another layer of protection.

Since the start of the lockdown, Cleanfuel stations are also practicing contactless payment through long-time partners, Paymaya and GCash. Yet these measures are just the start of how Cleanfuel wanted to reach to their beloved clients. Through their Cleanfuel VIP rewards, cardholders earn points while gassing up.

For every liter of fuel purchased, the customer is rewarded with one point in their VIP cards that would help them get variety of reward items ranging from home appliances, apparel, sacks of rice, to gadgets. Non-VIP members can also avail a VIP card by visiting online at to sign up for FREE card registration.

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Randolph de Leon
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