Cleanfuel expands in Laguna anew, opens station in Alaminos to better serve motorists in the south

August 15, 2023

Cleanfuel, the purveyor of Quality Fuel for Less, proudly announces the opening of its newest station in Alaminos Laguna, strategically situated along the Alaminos-Lipa Access Road, less than 2 kilometers from the intersection of the Maharlika Highway.

This new gasoline station signifies more than just affordable and eco-conscious fuel options; it ushers in economic opportunities for the locals and upgraded facilities for travelers passing through the town.

Just two months following the inauguration of the Calauan-San Pablo branch, Cleanfuel extends its commitment to excellence with the launch of the Alaminos branch.

Laguna is already home to stations in Biñan, Sta. Rosa, Calamba, Los Baños, Pila, Calauan, San Pablo North and San Pablo South. That brings to a total of nine stations boasting similar dimensions and equipped with precision-engineered pumps and the much-appreciated feature of pristine, air-conditioned restrooms.

The residents of Alaminos were filled with anticipation as they gathered to witness the grand opening ceremony—an event of profound significance that harmonizes progress and sustainability for the town. With its contemporary architecture and sleek aesthetics, the Cleanfuel branch seamlessly blends into the local landscape while imparting modern convenience.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony, graced by Cleanfuel's esteemed executives and esteemed local dignitaries, underscored the company's unwavering dedication to investing in the Alaminos community. The event emphasized Cleanfuel’s unwavering commitment to supplying cleaner fuel alternatives via premium-grade fuels, catalyzing reduced emissions and heightened engine performance.

Atty. Jesus “Bong” Suntay, President and CEO of Cleanfuel, said that the selection of Alaminos for the brand’s expansion was based on its strategic location, targeting thriving areas poised for further growth - a vision bolstered by the imminent opening of the SLEX Extension passing through Alaminos.

“We wanted to establish Cleanfuel in the vibrant community of Alaminos. Our presence extends beyond providing cleaner fuel options; it encompasses many economic opportunities and a broader economic upliftment for the town of Alaminos,” Atty. Suntay said as he also underscored how the site was a refreshing place to be surrounded by trees and a six-lane highway.

A remarkable highlight of the new Cleanfuel branch is its cutting-edge restroom facilities. Pioneering a revolution in roadside restroom experiences, Cleanfuel introduces air-conditioned, immaculate, and stylish restrooms catering to both travelers and local patrons. These restrooms incorporate water-conservation features and energy-efficient lighting, seamlessly aligning with Cleanfuel’s core commitment to sustainability and traveler comfort.

Cleanfuel’s Alaminos branch extends an array of fuel choices tailored to diverse vehicles and preferences, empowering drivers to make conscientious selections that champion environmental responsibility, without sacrificing performance or affordability.

As Cleanfuel’s sphere of influence expands, the Alaminos community warmly embraces the opportunities brought forth by this new branch. With its focal points encompassing job creation, eco-friendly energy solutions, and elevated facilities, Cleanfuel metamorphoses not only the refueling landscape but also fosters holistic growth within the regions it serves.

For travelers navigating through Alaminos, Cleanfuel's 9th branch offers more than just a refueling stop; it offers a glimpse into the potential of sustainable business practices, fostering a positive impact on the environment and the communities it serves.

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