Cleanfuel makes Laguna presence anew with the opening of its Santa Cruz station

September 18, 2023

CLEANFUEL, a leading name in the fuel retail industry is opening its 10th gasoline station in the municipality of Sta. Cruz., also the provincial capital of Laguna. This strategic move aims to provide accessible and high-quality fuel solutions to the thriving community in Sta. Cruz, further contributing to the economic growth of the municipality.

As the purveyor of affordable fuels, Cleanfuel proudly announces the launching of this strategically located gasoline station. Found in the crossroads within Barangay Patimbao and the Manila South Road better known as the National Highway, eastward from its location are the tourist towns of Pagsanjan, Paete and Pakil. The station opens exactly one month after the launch of the Lipa-Alaminos station last August.

Sta. Cruz Laguna is a significant service and commercial center located on the eastern part of the province. Known for its five barangays in the Poblacion area and 21 urban barangays, the town has continued to progress, earning its classification as a first-class municipality. Sta. Cruz is a bustling hub for transportation, commerce, health, education, and various social services for the predominantly rural north-eastern municipalities of the province. The municipality’s economy is steadily bolstered by emerging agribusiness industries such as livestock raising, horticulture, and aquaculture.

“We are now at the center of Laguna with this branch in Sta. Cruz,” said Atty. Jesus “Bong” Suntay, President and CEO of Cleanfuel. “This is a very special moment for Cleanfuel being in the town that hosts the seat of government in the province. Cleanfuel’s aim of providing the highest quality of fuel will ultimately meet the needs of the municipality as well as contribute to the local economy.” Cleanfuel recognizes the importance of contributing to the local economy and supporting the growing needs of Sta. Cruz residents. The new Cleanfuel station is set to provide reliable and affordable fuel options, ensuring that residents and businesses in the area have access to clean, high-quality fuels and exceptional service.

Cleanfuel is committed to delivering top-notch fuels that are efficient, clean-burning, and meet the highest industry standards. Customers can trust Cleanfuel for their vehicle fueling needs.

The new Cleanfuel station in Santa Cruz boasts modern and well-maintained facilities, high velocity pumps for a hassle-free refueling experience. It also boasts of the cleanest rest rooms anywhere in the province, or even the island of Luzon. Moreover, sitting itself in Barangay Patimbo, which has the longest stretch of the Manila South Road compared to anywhere in the municipality ensures easy access for both residents and businesses with several roads exiting from or entering into various subdivisions, businesses and even the provincial capital.

Exceptional customer service is what Cleanfuel is known for. It’s friendly and professional staffs who are dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

Customers can expect a pleasant and efficient refueling experience. This, along with the affordable pricing versus the industry players, Cleanfuel offers competitive fuel prices to provide cost-effective options for the local community, with the assurance of fuel quality and purity.

Cleanfuel’s commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction aligns with the progressive goals of Sta. Cruz, Laguna. The addition of this new station not only facilitates smoother transportation but also supports the municipality’s economic growth and development.

Cleanfuel invites the residents and businesses of Sta. Cruz, Laguna, to visit the new gasoline station and experience the Cleanfuel difference firsthand. As a company that values community and growth, Cleanfuel looks forward to becoming a trusted partner in the progress of Santa Cruz and its surrounding areas.

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