This Clever Little Car Seat Comes With Its Own Airbag

April 16, 2018

Many parents are thankful for this clever invention known as the child car seat. The little chair, as the name suggests, is what helps keep the toddlers in place while riding in a car. But while it helps secure the little one, is it really safe during crashes?

A company known as Maxi-Cosi in the United Kingdom is not taking any chances as it unveils the world’s first child car seat equipped with an airbag. The AxissFix may look like your regular child seat, complete with ISOFIX tethers to keep it in place. There is also a 360-degree swiveling base for added flexibility.

What sets this one apart from the regular car seat are the airbags located within the shoulder pads. Sensors placed within the seat help trigger a CO2 canister that releases gas to inflate the airbag. Research has shown that such tech can help reduce head and neck injury by as much as 55 percent.

This is great news for paretns, especially since it would mean that their child would be safer while riding in the vehicle. It is built for children between 61 to 105cm (around 2 to 3 feet and 5 inches) in height.

For now, however, the AxissFix Child Seat with Airbag is only available in the UK.

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Mr. Gerard Jude Castillo
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