Drift Xaust's Speed Booster promises to bring out that instant kick each time you step on the gas pedal

June 9, 2018

Unless you’re driving a sports car, chances are, your vehicle tends to exhibit a certain delay (or lag) each time you depress the accelerator pedal. Nothing bothersome, mind you. But to car enthusiasts that want that instantaneous “kick”, this can be quite disconcerting.

The folks at Drift Xaust may have found a quick and easy solution to this. We refer to the Drift Xaust Speed Booster. As the name suggests, it is a new product that helps eliminate throttle lag. For the uninitiated, new cars with electronic throttle body or “drive-by-wire” technology emit an electronic signal to induce a response from the throttle body. While this may sound promising, it does tend to take a bit of time before the actual acceleration takes place.

Drift Xaust Speed Booster tries to correct this by sending an “amplified signal” to induce a faster throttle response. Ideal for 2000 model year vehicles or newer with the said DBW tech, the Drift Xaust Speed Booster which is made in Japan even offers six drive modes to choose from. You’ve got Intelligent, Eco, Normal, Power, Sports, and Lock Mode. Each one is designed to bring out various characteristics of the car.

Eco Mode - Maximizes acceleration and helps save fuel by 3-8%

Normal Mode - The normal state of your car without the help of Speed Booster.

Power Mode - Helps improve acceleration by 25% with 1 to 9 speed level (9 being the highest).

Sports Mode - Increeases acceleration by 50% with 1 to 9 speed level (9 being the highest).

Lock Mode - Anti-theft feature which puts the car into lock mode to prevent thiefs or kids from driving your car.

But either way, response times are reduced, Drift Xaust promises.

Drift Xaust Speed Booster is easy to install and won’t void your warranty. All it takes is a simple replacement of the gas pedal sensor with the Speed Booster. And that’s it. Instant throttle action! It retails Php12,500.00 with 2 years warranty and can be installed in Drift Xaust Shop in Valley Fair Town Center, Ortigas Avenue Extension, Taytay, Rizal or DIY through COD. Visit https://www.driftxaust.com/ or Drift Xaust on Facebook and YouTube for more details and other products.

Drift Xaust's Owner Mr. GM Bugayong showing the Speed Booster

Owner GM Bugayong showing the media a Porsche 718 Cayman that was recently bought and went straight to his shop.

GM Bugayong's Cars with the Drift Xaust Speed Boosters.


Photos by: Sabina Cruz

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