Each tap and go of your beep can help a child thru Bantay Bata

March 6, 2019

If you regularly ride the LRT and suddenly hear a child’s voice uttering the greeting, Thank you, po!, don’t panic. It’s just the sound of a kid expressing heartful gratitude for the donation you just made for their well-being. Yes, AF Payments Inc. has tied up with Bantay Bata to help our youth.

Each time you use your beep card at select LRT stations with the Bantay Bata kiosk, you will be donating P5 for the benefit of the children of ABS-CBN’s Bantay Bata Foundation. Rather than set up cans or booths, a simple tap-and-go with your beep card allows you to help send a child to school and provide for a brighter future.

It’s all part of both companies drive to provide the Filipino with the means to progress, whether you’re a member of the workforce or a kid hoping to finish school. Either way, it’s a shot at a beter life.

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Mr. Gerard Jude Castillo
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