Enjoy 5 years of worry-free ownership with Ford Protect after-sales service

November 18, 2017

Ford Philippines has announced that its after-sales service called Ford Protect is here to stay. Just in time for the holidays, those who recently bought or will be buying a brand new unit will enjoy its Premium Extended Warranty (PEW) and Scheduled Service Plan (SSP) offers.

In detail, PEW is Ford’s way of elevating its customers’ ownership experience with worry-free comprehensive service for up to 5 years (or 150,000 Km, whichever comes first from the date of purchase) with protection against unexpected repair costs.

It covers the use of genuine Ford parts, repair and labor, as well as replacing and/or adjusting of key components of the engine, transmission, steering, brakes, front suspensions, and electrical systems, among others. Aside from the 5-year plan, the PEW is also available in a variety of denominations to suit the budget. These include a 2-month (4,000 Km) plan and a 3-year (100,000 Km) plan, to name a few.

Much like the PEW, the SSP also offers Ford owners a 5-year protection against future price increase of parts and labor . Also available in a variety of plans, It aids the PEW by way of allowing customers to pay for the service way in advance, a kind of pre-paid service.

Included in SSP are all specified replacements and adjustments under the Periodic Maintenance Service that cover engine oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, brake fluid, clutch fluid, and more.

Best part is that both the PEW and the SSP are transferable to the next owner, should the first-hand buyer plan to sell the unit within the 5-year validity period. To know more about the Ford Protect PEW and SSP services, visit Ford Philippines’ official website and click Warranty and Service & maintenance SSP.

(Cover photo courtesy of Ford PH website)

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