Ferrari celebrates 50th anniversary of the Dino with a huge parade that attracted loyal fans worldwide

July 10, 2018

The Dino is one of the well-loved cars under the stable of Italian carmaker Ferrari. Named after Enzo Ferrari’s son (who also happened to be its engine designer), the Dino was officially launched in November of 1968 at the prestigious Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany. Since then, it has racked up a cult following that still stands strong, even to this day.

This year marks the Ferrari Dino’s 50th anniversary. And to celebrate the occasion, a record number of more than 150 Ferrari Dinos, together with over 300 Ferrari enthusiasts flocked at the brand’s home turf in Maranello, Italy.

It was an all-out nostalgic experience as the event visitors were treated to a motorcade from the Ferrari Maranello Museum to the brand’s test track in Fiorano. There, each Dino owner was given a short and sweet time on track to unleash some of the car’s raw power from its 6-cylinder motor. By midday, the group headed over to the Ferrari factory where all were given an educational tour of the brand’s high-tech production facility.

The celebration was capped off with a traditional drive, one car at a time, under the arch of the historical entrance on Via Abetone Inferiore. The whole activity was a feast, not only for those who joined in the motorcade, but also for the brand’s legions of followers along the parade’s route.

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