Ferrari PH unleashes the F8 Tributo, the most powerful mid-engine V8 Prancing Horse today

August 25, 2020

“From outstanding performance, speed, and excellence, the racing legacy of Ferrari has brought a unique and exclusive experience to car enthusiasts in our country. Today, we at Motostrada have unveiled the illustrious Italian company's latest and fastest sports car to-date -- the Ferrari F8 Tributo.” – Wellington Soong, Motostrada Chairman Emeritus

Bolstering from these bold words from Ferrari Philippines’ most respected man for many years, it’s with great honor for Motostrada to have recently launched the Ferrari F8 Tributo, the Italian carmaker’s most powerful mid-engine V8 model today. With this in mind, it represents the highest expression of the Prancing Horse’s classic two-seater Berlinetta.

On the outside, the F8 Tributo struts a new exterior design language. From the very earliest stages of the design process, the work focused on two goals simultaneously: designing a stylistic tribute to the Ferrari V8 engine, inspired by the most iconic mid-rear-engined V8 sports cars in Ferrari history, and giving the car a strong personality of its own through an even sportier design clearly inspired by the car’s advanced aerodynamics.

The cockpit, on the other hand, retains the classic, driver-oriented look typical of Ferrari’s mid-rear-engined Berlinettas. Every element of the dash, door panels and tunnel has been completely redesigned specifically for the car. It also boasts a new generation steering wheel and steering wheel-mounted controls as well as new styling on the standard seats.

Behind the occupants is a potent 3.9L turbocharged V8 engine that’s controlled by a Formula One style 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. It delivers a potent 720 hp and a pulling power of 700 Nm. Sprinting from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds, the F8 Tributo would easily reach a maximum speed of 340 km/h.

We won’t hold you back with more lengthy technical words now. Here’s the official Ferrari Philippines launch video of the F8 Trbuto. Enjoy!

“The iconic release of the Ferrari F8 Tributo here in our country perfectly mirrors Motostrada's direction: to be the leader in automotive innovation, unafraid of fusing the historic past and the revolutionary future for the ever-growing and exclusive Ferrari community,” Mody Llamas Jr., Motostrada President, said.

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