The Ferrari Portofino is awarded for being a lightweight

August 15, 2019

With so much technology being crammed into vehicles these days, it’s maazing how some automakers manage to save weight rather than add to it. One of these carmakers is Ferrari, whose Portofino its so innovative at reducing weight that it just had to be awarded for it.

The prestigious trophy came from Altair, which awarded the California T predecessor for its lightweight design and engineering, body-on-white technology, and uber rigid body and chassis.

Thanks to weight saving measures such as two-piece A-pillar construction (instead of the usual 21 pieces seen of its predecessors), as well as sand-casting that allowed for the creation of hollow yet functional panels, the Portofino’s body is some 35 percent more rigid while its chassis is 30 perecent stiffer.

The lighter weight and stiffer construction makes for a car that is more efficient yet still being fun to drive with higher limits and ultimately, more capable.

These award-winning technologies will be showcased at the Nasdaq Opening Bell Ceremony on Tuesday, August 27, 2019 in New York City.

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