FGen launches new and improved travel insurance package with Travel Secure

January 12, 2018

To those who frequently travel either for business or leisure, a reliable travel insurance is a must. This would help lighten the burden of expenses, should any untoward incidents like loss of belongings or medical-related emergencies occur.

In this light, Fortune General (FGen) Insurance has re-launched its travel insurance package. This time around, the package comes with Travel Secure, a type of coverage that’s not payable to FGen, but would be made available by the insurance company for its clients in the time of need.

One of its coverage include medical expenses available for US$20,000 (P1,006,962 as of this writing) for Asian countries and US$50,000 (P2,514,723 as of this writing) for Schengen and the rest of the countries worldwide. The said package comes with hospitalization and follow-up treatment coverage.

For accidental death or disablement, the improved FGen travel insurance has a P1,000,000 coverage for both Asian and Chengen travellers.

Of course, unexpected flight delays or cancellations happen. For these, FGen’s revamped travel insurance package offers a maximum of USD500 (P25,131 as of this writing) for cancelled flights and US$250 (P12,566 as of this writing) for missed connecting flights, flight diversions, and flights with more than 6 hours of delay going to Schengen and other Asian countries.

Finally, the updated FGen travel insurance cares not just for the travellers’ safety and well-being, but for their belongings as well. Should incidents like theft or loss of belongings such as passports, travel documents, and luggage occur, FGen can cover up to US$250 worth of expenses.

For more details about this improved FGen travel insurance, visit the official website and Facebook page. Interested clients may also dial (02) 706-3959.

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