Ford Gives the First Monthly Payment for Free When Purchasing a New Everest, Ranger, or EcoSport

April 23, 2018

Around a month ago, Ford Philippines began offering EcoSport buyers a bit of savings while paying for their new ride. The promo gave the first month of their 5-year payment term for free, helping them save up for other expenses.

Now, Ford gives not only EcoSport buyers but Ranger and Everest clients the same cool deal. Those availing of the Everest 2.2L Ambiente 4x2 MT, Ranger 2.2L XLT 4x2 MT, or EcoSport 1.5L Ambiente MT can have their first monthly payment free.

Take the Ford Everest. Buyers purchasing the aforementioned variant can save as much as P32,000 on montly amortization fees. If one were to get the Ford Ranger with an all-in dowbpayment of P68,000, they can save as much as P24,000 in monthly payments. As for the EcoSport, one can save up to 18,000  when paying for the subcompact crossover for 5 years. They can likewise plunk down as little as P48,000 all-in downpayment.

More cool deals are available on the Everest. All-in downpayments,, for instance, come in at 88,000. One can likewise avail of low montly fees of 17,028. Or get as much as P90,000 in cash discounts. All purchases also come with free 3-year LTO registration, 1 year comprehensive insurance, and chattel mortgage fee. Worry-free maintenance for two years also comes with the package.

Hurry though as the Ford promo is only good until April 30, 2018.

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