Ford Philippines helps typhoon-stricken folk

December 3, 2018

In photo are (L-R) Bodoy Oquiñena, Luzon Operations Head, Gawad Kalinga; Jose Luis Oquiñena, executive director, Gawad Kalinga; Bert Lessard, managing director, Ford Philippines; and Josie Gonzalez, AVP for Government and Corporate Affairs, Ford Philippines.

The recent tragedy that is Typhoon Ompong left many people  with lost homes, livelihood, or worse. Yet being the resilient folk that they are, the Filipino has always found a way to get up and fight another day. Companies like Ford Philippines support this via a generous financial donation.

In line with the Global Giving campaign, the car company with the Blue Oval earmarked US$25,000, made out to Gawad Kalinga. These funds will be used to help some 30 farmers and their families recoup their losses due to the devastating effects of Typhoon Ompong. With the land they used to till now in ruins, the money will be more than enough to tide them over while they rebuild their land and their lives.

Apart from this, the donation will also be put to good use to purchase two boats. These will be utilized to ferry children to and from school in remote areas.

With this, Ford Philippines hopes to do its part to give Filipinos a brighter future, tragedies notwithstanding.

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