Foton gives us a new light duty truck, the Tornado M Series

January 11, 2020

Foton has become a trusted name in the country’s Commercial Vehicle segment.

Now, the vehicle maker serves up a new offering in the guise of the Tornado M Series light duty truck.

Available in three variants, the Tornado M2 6C, the Tornado M4 2C, and the Tornado M5 2C, each one is designed to provide maximum cargo carrying capacity with a rigid and durable chassis.

Powering the Tornado M2 6C is a proven Cummins Blue Energy 2.8-liter diesel motor while the Tornado M4 2C and M5 2C get the same motor, albeit in 3.8-liter displacement.

Putting out 254hp and 500Nm of torque,  the mill makes for potent power without sacrificing fuel economy.

This is backed by a rigid chassis that allows for higher payload, useful in the ever-competitive transport and logistics sector.

And while these trucks are built to haul cargo, the cab is designed in such a way that driver and passenger comfort are not compromised.

Sure, it’s no passenger car yet ocupants do get seats and amenities that allows for a stress-free journey—especially welcome on long drives.

Experience the Foton Tornado M Series at your nearest Foton dealer today.

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