GAC Motor inks deal to built a dealership right in the heart of Quezon City

July 22, 2020

Chinese car brand, GAC Motor, through its official Philippine distributor, Legado Motors, Inc. or LMI, is aiming for some high notes. That’s because we’ve received a very short email stating its move to build a new dealership somewhere in Quezon City.

The email was somewhat vague, but it gave us with a photo of what was the brand’s first step into building the said structure - a contract signing ceremony to seal the deal. It was attended to by Giovanni Frias (LMI Vice President for Sales and Operations), Wilbert Lim (LMI Chief Executive Officer), Jessie Royo (Masa Mart Business Center Chairman), and Emma Royo.

In case you’re wondering what Masa Mart Business Center is, it’s slated as the new dealership’s owner and operator, and from here on will be referred to in future news as Masa Mart Motors. It has yet to project when the dealership will be fully operational. But seeing the current pandemic situation, we can guess that it could be well within the ballpark of late 2021 or early 2022.

Masa Mart Motors, will offer the following vehicle models: GA4 sedan (available in 1.5-liter manual, 1.5-liter automatic, and 1.3-liter gas turbo automatic), GS4 subcompact SUV, GM8 premium seven-seater minivan (available in GT and GE Premiere variants), GS8 large SUV (available in 4x2 GE Premiere, 4x2 GE Sports, and 4x4 GL variants), and the GS3 subcompact crossover (available in 1.3-liter gas turbo, 1.5-liter Premiere, and 1.5-liter GS).

For the latest updates, visit your nearest GAC Motor dealership or follow the official social media pages Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @gacmotorph.

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