Give those batteries and your workshop a boost with CTEK Professional Charging Series

July 11, 2018

It’s no secret that modern vehicles require a bit of diagnostics with a computer to find out the problem when something goes wrong. This means putting the ignition in the ON position while doing so. Unfortunately, this can drain the car’s battery.

Fortunately, CTEK Philippines has the perfect solution in the form of the new Professional Charging Series. Consisting of the PRO60 battery charger and Pro Battery Tester, the pack will help give professional workshops that much-needed boost when it comes to performing diagnostic and other tasks on a vehicle.

The PRO60 battery charger, for instance, is a 60A battery charger that can bring your battery back to life as well as it keep it topped up. Moreover, it will keep those batteries running even as you keep the ignition in the ON position for an extended period while performing diagnostic work on a vehicle. What’s more, it can be used on all types of Lead-Acid batteries.

As for the Pro Battery Tester, it is designed to work with all types of batteries and electrical systems to check if they are in good nick. As CTEK Philippines says, it’s the perfect tool for your modern workshop.

You may now purchase the Professional Charging Series thru CTEK Philippines.

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