Global Dominion Financing is giving away a light truck for business so you can start 2023 the awesome way

February 28, 2023

If you are thinking of a business that requires a service vehicle or a delivery truck, you now have a great chance of making it a reality by joining the #GoDreamer Raffle Promo by Global Dominion Financing, Inc. (GDFI). The said financing company is giving away one (1) L300 in line with its 20th anniversary in March 2023.

The #GoDreamer Raffle Promo is open to all Filipinos aged 21 to 65 years old, whether they have an existing business or not. An existing business owner can absolutely use the prize as an additional unit for his operations. GDFI, known for its Sangla ORCR (car & truck refinancing, car & truck collateral loan, prenda ORCR) product, aims to reach more entrepreneurs to offer its financial product, which is essential in mobilizing business operations across the country. The financing company has more than 70 branches located nationwide, and is set to open more, potentially beyond 100 in 2023. GDFI’s raffle promo announcement on its Facebook page.

Ka-partner, sali na sa Go Dreamer Raffle Promo by Global Dominion to get a chance na manalo ng Light Truck for Business! Go to to register. Please read the promo mechanics carefully.

Share this post with your family and friends para makasali din sila. #GoDreamerRafflePromo #GDFIGoDreamerRaffle #GDFI20Years #GlobalDominionAt20.

Important: Please study the Loan Terms and Conditions in the disclosure statement before proceeding with any loan transaction.


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After carefully reading the mechanics and sharing the post, one can easily join the raffle promo by registering on

For almost two (2) decades now, GDFI has been one of the leading financial service providers to various sectors including car owners, business owners, and executives, offering secured cash loans and financial services.

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-153842 Series of 2022 ASC Reference Number: G200N102122GS

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