Global Dominion Financing, Inc. taps James Deakin as its first ever brand endorser

March 3, 2023

In an interview Mr. Deakin shared that financing is a fairly new space to him, but he believes that it is a service that people need. True to its purpose, GDFI has been empowering families to achieve their goals and dreams through its secured loan products Sangla OR/CR (car/truck refinancing) and second-hand car/truck financing. It also has an unsecured loan product for doctors.

James went on saying that he researched about the company before saying “yes” to becoming part of it, and he joked about going to the gym in preparation for the series of events related to the brand engagement. During the interview, James was actually wearing the white GDFI shirt.

When asked about who he considers as his “Ka-partner sa pag-angat”, James pointed to his girl friend, his children, and his talent manager. James Deakin was able to answer all trivia questions asked during his interview, identifying GDFI’s top financing product, the company’s age, and the company’s tagline --- “Ka-partner Mo Sa Pag-angat!”

In these turbulent times, people can now rely on GDFI as their partner. “We all need a little bit of help every now and then. It is nice to have a reliable partner,” Mr. Deakin said. “When you have a global disruption like a pandemic, […] yes, it’s difficult, but it also opens opportunities that will never come again. […] With that you need a partner to be able to maximize these opportunities. Sometimes it’s just a little cash flow, a little bit of an advance to get, let’s say, a business started, and this is why Global Dominion is so important in becoming that partner,” he added.

In February James met with the top executives of GDFI, including its chairman, Ruben Y. Lugtu II, its chief executive officer (CEO), Robert B. Jordan Jr., and its president and chief operating officer (COO), Patricia Poco-Palacios.

Global Dominion will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in March 2023. For more information about GDFI, you may visit

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