Global Dominion hosts training workshop on sales and marketing

May 10, 2024

A significant event took place on March 23rd in Global Dominion's Sales and Marketing General Assembly 2024. This pivotal gathering marked the initiation of a new training and workshop initiative aimed at equipping sales and marketing people of the financing company with the necessary tools, mindset, and skills to transform from worriers to warriors in supporting our Ka-partners in achieving their goals and dreams.

The assembly commenced with an opening address by Ariel Dizon, Deputy General Manager for Branch Sales and Marketing Division. In his speech, Mr. Dizon emphasized the importance of empowerment and collaboration, underscoring the commitment to fostering meaningful relationships with the company’s Ka-partners beyond mere transactions. The event was structured to enable representatives to confront challenges, seize opportunities, and collectively work towards shared objectives.

The highlight of the assembly was a motivational session led by Samuel Cariño, General Manager for Branch Sales and Marketing Division. Mr. Cariño shared inspiring stories of his experiences and journey within the company, motivating attendees. He also shared about a conversation he had with the late ex-president of Global Dominion Anna L. Poco, which he continuously holds on to for motivation.

Also, as part of the training, a sales demo was held wherein they apply all the skills and learning they got on how they handle prospects. The second to the last part of the training involves internalization and affirmation reinforcing a positive mindset.

The assembly concluded with the discussion of new training programs to be delivered to the rest of the company’s workforce nationwide. This allowed representatives to understand and internalize the transformational objectives of the planned programs. To date, Global Dominion has more than 100 branches in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Global Dominion offers car and truck refinancing (Sangla OR/CR), brand new and used car and truck financing, doctors loan, and real estate loan for SMEs, to empower families to achieve their goals and dreams.

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