Global Dominion's June Recap #GDFINews

July 3, 2024


(June 1, 2024) Global Dominion partnerships officer Quincy Lopez participated in Fintech Philippines Association's recent mixer by Smile API.

(June 1, 2024) Renzo of Dashcarr Pro shared his knowledge about the industry and the demand of consumers during the recent car financing recognition event by Global Dominion.

(June 1, 2024) Select Global Dominion employees attended the successful and joyous ATeam Trade Launch by its brand ambassador, Ogie Alcasid.

(June 2, 2024) Global Dominion Ka-partner, Raymond, had a networking session with the other partner dealers of the financing company during the last recognition night setup in the middle of 2024.

(June 3, 2024) Global Dominion signs a partnership agreement with MFast an agent banking and financing aggregator platform that helps people in underserved communities access financial services. The Vietnamese fintech startup expanded here in the Philippines less than a year after raising 6 million USD for regional growth.

(June 3, 2024) Laguna, Philippines - Global Dominion's Chief Compliance Officer Colen Romero is the first facilitator of the first-ever Ka-partner Academy class for Loan Consultants.

(June 5, 2024) Global Dominion signs partnership with PUP.

(June 6, 2024) MILESTONE! Global Dominion reached another milestone after booking more than 800 million pesos in loans just for a month in May 2024.

(June 6, 2024) James Deakin renews partnership with Global Dominion.

(June 7, 2024) Growth and development for loan agents and loan consultants (LC) continue in Global Dominion through the company's loan academy program and ka-partner training sessions delivered by its LC Development troop.

(June 8, 2024) Ogie Alcasid renews partnership with Global Dominion.

(June 11, 2024) Global Dominion's branch marketing workforce wrapped up the day with an intensive alignment for the remainder of the year.

(June 13, 2024) Ka-partner James Deakin shared his personal knowledge and experiences during Global Dominion's communications training for its key officers.

(June 14, 2024) More Global Dominion branches are expected to open in the coming weeks, months.

(June 14, 2024) Global Dominion employee development continues to rise. In 2023, internal promotions increased by 92.30% vs the previous year.

(June 15, 2024) Global Dominion's Loan Consultant Development (LCDev) team is doubling down in meeting with marketing leaders and loan consultants (agents) in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

(June 16, 2024) Global Dominion currently has 116 branches in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, but it is set to open more within the year to reach more Filipino SMEs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

(June 17, 2024) Global Dominion's Ka-partner Academy continues to roll nationwide, spreading information and awareness on subjects that are important to businessmen and aspiring entrepreneurs.

(June 18, 2024) Global Dominion joins Globe Business' "FSI GB Conversation (API)" event.

(June 28, 2024) Global Dominion joins FPh's June Mixer: Growing the FinTech Talent A Deep Dive into In-Demand Roles and Skill Development.

(June 28, 2024) "The University has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with financial institution Global Dominion Financing, Inc. (GDFI) in its bid to further its relations with industry partners and to boost the career placement and opportunities of the Iskolar ng Bayan."

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