HARI Sales Up by 33 Percent in October

November 23, 2017

The month of October proved to be a stellar time for Hyundai Asia Resources Inc (HARI) as it posted a 33 percent sales growth over last year’s figures. The Korean carmaker’s Philippine distributor saw 3,266 units leave showrooms for that month. This is more than the 2,462 units last year—bringing total year-to-date sales to 30,717 vehicles or a 12 percent jump.

Credit for this strong performance can be attributed to the ever-strong demand for the Accent subcompact. This particular nameplate sold 1,424 units for the month of October—an 88 percent rise over last year’s 758 units. This brought Passenger Car sales up by 22 percent, rising from 1,726 to 2,113 units this year.

Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) sales were also up, from 736 copies last year to 1,153 units for the same month this year. This equates to a 57 percent rise, fueled by the H-100 van, that sold 366 units in October. That’s up by a whopping 117 percent from last year’s 169 units.

And as we wind down to the last two months of 2017, HARI expects to further its sales growth, looking forward to another record year.

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