Hino now has over 300 Modern PUVs out on our roads

December 16, 2019

Hino ends this year with more than 300 units of modern PUVs turned over to several transport cooperatives across the country.


Over the past few years, Hino Motors Philippines has been hard at work conceptualizing, planning, and manufacturing its own version of the Modern Public Utility Vehicle.

True enough, it has turned over around 364 units of the Class II and II PUVs as of December of this year.

And it doesn’t intend to stop there.

From the start of the Department of Transportation’s PUV Modernization Program in 2017, Hino was already there with its concept and plans for such a vehicle.

The truck and bus manufacturer was likewise present during the 1st Modern PUV Caravan held in Clark, Pampanga.

And both the Pateros-Fort Bonifacio Transport Service and Multi-purpose Cooperative and the Taguig Transport Service Cooperative were the first groups to avail of Hino’s Modern PUV.

With 219 fast coming to a close, we can expect more Hino Class II and III Modern PUVs to ply  the roads of Metro Manila and other parts of the country.

This as Hino bats for 500 Modern PUVs to be out on the roads by the end of 2019.

Hopefully, with these new PUVs comes an equally new way of driving—with discipline and respect for other road users.

Then can we say we’ve truly modernized our transport sector.

Hino sets to enter 2020 with more PUV turnovers nationwide dedicated to deliver Total Support to the Filipino community.

The photo above shows Hino’s Euro-4 Class II modern PUV designed with green technology that reduces harmful effects to the environment. HMP continues to supply the demand for PUV units to make transportation experience safe and comfortable for every Filipino.

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