The Honda Small RS Concept Could Just Be the Marque’s Future Mini-Compact

April 20, 2018

Drive Sporty—Live Safely. This is the theme at the Honda stand at this year’s Indonesia International Motor Show, which runs from April 19-29, 2018. Here, one will get to see the Japanese brand’s sporty side, along with its more responsible demeanor.

One of the manifestations of this is the cool Small RS Concept. Based on a small car platform the bright orange number boasts of a youthful and racy front end with the RS badge. The rest of the car, with the alloy rims, bodykit, and the aforementioned orange paintwork, all speak at sportiness.

While the Small RS Concept may be sporty, its tiny footprint means it is likewise practical and can be used for everyday driving. It is aimed at young buyers who are chic and lead an active urban lifestyle. Moreover, the slew of safety technology that Honda is showcasing at the exhibit hints at a driving future that can be enjoyed because such tech “has your back”.

Although the Small RS Concept is, well, a concept, it could very well hint at an upcoming model. In this case, it may just be the future Honda Brio. We shall soon find out if and when Honda reveals the all-new Brio to the world.

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Mr. Gerard Jude Castillo
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