Hyundai has a new crossover and it’s called the Venue

April 24, 2019

People keeping close tabs on Hyundai’s SUV lineup are aware that the Korean carmaker has a slew of models on offer. You’ve got the full-size Palisade, the Santa Fe, Tucson, and the subcompact Kona. Yet Hyundai thinks that there is room for one more, particularly in the small SUV segment. Enter the new Venue.

Taking its name from a place that people want to be seen in, designers took this as a signal to come up with a chunky yet trendy looking execution. The styling translates to an even tougher stance compared to its marginally bigger Kona stablemate. The result is a youthful and stylish number aimed at the first-time SUVbuyer.

Stepping inside, the Venue boasts of an 8-inch infotainment touchscreen that allows users to navigate thru various vehicle and entertainment options. The driver also gets a 3.5-inch display that makes it a breee to keep tabs on various vehicle functions while on the move.

Powering the new Venue will be a 1.6-liter four-cylinder with Dual Port Fuel Injection. While Hyundai did not give any specifics about output, the carmaker did hint that the Venue’s motor is tuned more for fuel economy—an important attribute for those looking to buy their first vehicle.

Expect to see the new Hyundai Venue hit dealerships in the fourth quarter of this year. As for our market, Hyundai Asia Resources Inc has not given us word on when it will introduce the little crossover to our market.

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