Hyundai PH’s 2017 year-to-date sales up by 12%

December 23, 2017

Korean carmaker Hyundai, through its official Philippine distributor Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), reported that it posted an impressive January to November 2017 sales record. Case in point, this year-to-date sales record amounted to a total of 34,025 units sold, a 12% increased vs. the 30,469 sales tally last year.

Paving the way is the brand’s Accent subcompact with a 2017 year-to-date sales that reached 14,899. That’s a notable 34% increase over 2016’s 11,156 units sold.

Available in both sedan and hatchback forms with optional gasoline- or diesel-fed engines, the Accents is HARI’s contender in the subcompact department. A spacious city car with commendable tech and convenience amenities, it gains traction in the market with the help of its competitive price point and fuel efficiency.

Likewise, the Hyundai Grand Starex did well over the last 11 months this year. With a total sales tally of 3,832 units, the van is now enjoying a 14% sales increase compared to last year’s tally of 3,371 units.

The Grand Starex has always been a staple name in HARI’s best-selling models list. Holding its own in the local van segment, the Hyundai Grand Starex is capable of a variety of purposes both for business and leisure. In addition, its got an impressive array of variants, a noteworthy price point, and a tried and true diesel engine with efficiency in mind.

Finally, the Hyundai H100 showed a remarkable increase in sales growth. From its 2016 year-to-date sales tally of 1,927 units, the commercial vehicle now boasts a record of 3,066 units sold under its belt. That’s a big 59% over last year’s record.

The H100 symbolizes HARI’s commitment to empower Filipino entrepreneurs. It can be optioned with all sorts of body configurations to suit every businessman’s needs. It also competes well in terms of pricing, which to many entrepreneurs, is a key factor in choosing a worthy workhorse.

HARI attributes its upward sales momentum to the country’s economy which boomed during the 3rd quarter of this year. As regard, the company expects to close 2017 with a targeted total unit sales of 37,500.

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