If Jaguar Land Rover had its way, motion sickness would be a thing of the past

November 8, 2018

Research has discovered that motion sickness is caused when the eyes perceive a different sensation from what the inner ear and other senses like the skin and other parts of the body feel. This usually occurs when in a moving vehicle or the like.

So if you’re feeling car sick quite a lot, you can take comfort in the fact that you need not rely on medication to help you thru it. Carmakers like Jaguar Land Rover are doing its best to help prevent this via research and innovative tech. With some 15,000 miles of data collected, Jaguar Land Rover now has enough information to help lower the occurrence of motion sickness in its future vehicles.

A host of biometric sensors, for instance, can detect certain factors that are often associated with motion sickness. This will then be used by the vehicle to make appropriate adjustments to steering, braking, and driving parameters. In short, it will try its best to provide a smooth drive based on the motion sickness rating.

This is particularly useful in the future when self-driving cars will allow passengers  to work and do things like check their email while in transit. As productive as this is, it is likewise a recipe for motion sickness. Yet JLR is doing its best to allow occupants to work and relax and essentially make full use of its vehicles’ self-driving capabilities.

Yet one does not need to look too far ahead to see how JLR is helping prevent nausea and the like.  The Jaguar E-Pace, for instance, has a system known as Adaptive Dynamics that basically reduces frequent motions due to road imperfections. It likewise has up to 26 seat adjustments that allow one to get as comfortable as possible while in the vehicle.

With all these, we may just see motion sickness becoming a thing of the past whenever we ride our cars.

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